gentle whisper 4

just a short note,to keep you updated, and expectation not raise too high… well the cast is kind of glued to the mould, i chiseled all day to get him free at least like this 😦 … i had to be extra careful, as i casted him hollow… geez… but, i think i know “who” the culprit was, why the mould glued to the cast : its the color. when i use uncolored plaster all works fine, but with the acrylic color in it is sticky, and more over it is more like chalk, not good plaster. soo,,, i wont do that again… so need more chiseling to free him. the cast itself seems be good, no airbubbles this time… and,,, a hello to ladner, thanks for the kind words…

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Yippie, i made it !

My casting tutorial is finished, and my first faux bronze bust is done… Continue to read here :

At least … i rescued her face …

she is my very first try in casting in plaster, with a self made mould in plaster from the clay portrait i did … as usual, when doing “firsts”, many things go wong,,, and this was the case here too ,,, but at least, i rescued her face

i just started a new tutorial, this time not about carving per se, but about casting a clay model in plaster, which then can be used as a guide for carving without the disadvantage of loosing shapes as it occurs in the soft clay… this is still work in progress, so the tutorial grows as things develop…

Continue to read here : Casting a Clay Model