Orang Mother with Baby

inspired by a beautiful sculpture of a friend i wanted do a carving themed about motherhood, though i wanted depict it through an animal mother than a human mother. so i searched reference fotos, until i found in one of my animal books, what i was looking for, depicting a beautiful orang utan with her baby with just the spirit i was looking for. and even better, this book shows side views of her with her baby too ! so, i can know how the forms are ,,,very good … so, i decided on her … and, as i love challenges, i decided to carve in bas relief,,,, that is getting to be interesting to carve the long protruding snout of the orang mom into a wooden board of only 3/4” thickness. the big circle is 25 cm=10”, the wood is said to be walnut, i don´t know for sure, but it carves really nice.

so, i started to draw the outlines on the wood, and cut deeper around the baby and the mothers head. i am not decided yet if i will decorate the border (have a nice idea for that) or leave it plain. i need to see how busy the whole will look after i carved all the fur to decide on that…



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  1. Tamara
    Aug 06, 2009 @ 17:33:25

    Yeah! Doing a series just on motherhood would be something I know you and I would both love to do! I love this Doris. It touches my heart because I can relate to the mom in how she cares for her special baby. The composition you chose for this looks really nice too with an interesting side angle in the forefront. I’ve got a book that shows anatomy of the ape and I’ll send some pics although you’ve got it down very well. I don’t know what babies eyebrow region looks like but on the adults that area protrudes quite a bit. I love the beady eyes that you gave the momma. Also, the baby apes little nose is really cute. I look forward to watching the rest of the pics as this progresses.


    • dorisfiebig
      Aug 06, 2009 @ 20:16:57

      lol…tamara, i just wanted write you an email to tell you about my new project, and there you have found it already … and even send me anatomy pics ! i just received them … wow, tamara, thank you…
      after i posted, i have changed baby already tremendously, that is, only very few tiniest woodchips fell, but it made changed his eyes completely, and the nose a little, and yes, as you mentioned, baby needs have a strong eyebrow region too, though softer than its mom has,,,i did that too, and in my opinion, got closer to the feelings i want portray…i will post soon. thank you so much for your encouraging comment, tamara !


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