Mediterranean Vegetable

the other day, i doodled a little in the evening, and it occurred a sketch of some nicely arranged mediterranean vegetable… i liked this sketch so much, that i decided to turn it into something useful : i will carve a small board with this vegetable as a high relief and add four pegs onto it to hold my kitchen towels… that´s the plan, and here is the drawing, roughly cut out


when i started working on this project, i noticed it is really a project suitable for a beginner. why ? for several reasons :

the shapes are very simple :
  • the tomato is a ball
  • the zucchini is a cylinder with rounded caps, slightly bend
  • the aubergine is a cylinder with rounded caps, slightly tapers in diameter
  • the bell pepper also is a thick cylinder with rounded caps, and some big grooves and a stem emerging at top
  • and the onions, are a bunch of long cylinders, with a slight bulb at the end
  • , … you see ? all shapes are very basic, and exactly shapes one needs always to carve, in a face, in a figure, in an animal… and carving a project like this, would teach a beginner very important things : how the grain of the wood acts when cutting in a certain direction. ,,, how to cut a nice sphere,,, how to cut a nice cylinder,,,then with variations like bend or taper,,,the use of tools… and while learning all these things on the project, one still does not need consider more complicated topics, like how is a nose attached to a face, or where is the mouth really sitting on a face…
    i know, most beginners like to start carving faces, i carved faces too very early on, it can work, and is fun but if you are looking for a smoother way, with a good chance to succeed well in an early carving, a theme like these vegetables might be more helpful….it is not as boring as cutting a simple ball,,,hey the tomato has got some decorations, has it not ?? and, depending on how adventurous you are on your first try, you can start with just one vegetable, maybe a bell pepper ? or arrange nicely severals. in case you like the idea, feel free to use my drawing. i would like to see your result if you like to share it then…

    ok, then i got to start the project …

    i have some nice wood, i think it is oak, and oak is very suitable for kitchen. so i decided to use that. first i roughly cut the drawing out, traced the outline on the wood and cut it out with a fret-saw…


    amazing, you really can saw a 3cm thick oak board with a fret-saw, by hand… it did not take that long, but i needed several saw-blades though, not because they broke, but the wood dulls them rather quickly… and dull saw-blades are a pain to use. better change them quickly…

    i then drew freehand the inside design onto the wood, so that i can see where all things go… in particularly i marked the areas i still wanted remove with the fret-saw rather than carving them away with the chisels…

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    4 Comments (+add yours?)

    1. ChuckT
      Sep 14, 2009 @ 18:35:45

      Very nice Doris. Great idea to turn it into a useful carving for hanging towels in your kitchen. I am sure it will add a nice touch. I’ve not tried to carve any oak yet, but I really like the way it comes out. Thanks for sharing this.


      • dorisfiebig
        Sep 14, 2009 @ 20:48:31

        hi chuck, oh oak is really worth a try… admittedly it is hard, so more strength is required than on linden, but hey no problem for you guys, is it ? my “recipy” was just to take smaller chips off, and to try to carve more with the grain than i usually do. works very fine. and the wood is so beautiful, it is worth every extra effort … thanks for coming visiting again, chuck …


    2. Howard Lobb
      Oct 09, 2009 @ 09:08:55

      Just love it!!! I do like to create art objects that are useful as well as beautiful and I do apperciate the design here with the function! ,,, H


      • dorisfiebig
        Oct 09, 2009 @ 21:01:59

        thank you howard,,,you know i use it now some time, and despite its a pretty simple carving, i really enjoy looking it each time i put a towel onto the hanger. … i am going to make more “useful” carvings…it adds a dimension..


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