Alphonse Mucha Panel finished

after almost a year it took, but now the panel is finished, and i am happy how it turned out. i learned quite a lot with this panel, patience being on top, but also that changing the design in the middle of a carving, takes alot of effort for redoing things… i am happy however i changed the design, as i like that the piece has now the lightness i wanted to have…

and here is a link to the images

wow, i cannot believe it, i am up and running, eeehhh i mean carving, again !! i so missed it, and honestly still have not the time for it, but i cannot wait any longer, so i started this panel which is on the back of my head all time and is begging to be carved … lol …

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Stone Carvings Gallery

in september 2003, i began stone carving, inspired and guided by an email friend from canada. i first carved soapstone. this is the softest stone on earth, and can be carved with any tool, like knifes, files, or even only with your fingernails… later i carved harder stones like calcite, lapislazuli, jade, carneol, and then mainly agates, which are quartzes and some of which i carved have gem quality. these hard stones i carved with a foredom flexible shaft machine with tiny diamond burrs, tiny diamond saws and pastes on selfmade wooden burrs and wheels. so, carving stones is grinding stone to the desired shapes, not cutting like in wood.

i want show here some of old works of mine in this stone carving gallery, showing the work in chronological ordering, the first done in september 2003, the last in november 2006. on with the show … (and, as always in my posts, pease click images to enlarge)