constanza bonarelli

i know this is not wood carving, but still it is about my passion of portraits… since a while i am learning digital sculpting, i want use it as a tool to visualise projects for carving. in deed, i have such a project in the work right now, i will share soon… this digital sculpting, is closely mimicking sculpting with real clay, and i find it very useful to learn forms… for today, i want share what i did the last nights, and invite you to visit my zbrush blog, where i showcase my digital sculpts created with zbrush.

i tried to recreate the marble bust of constanza bonarelli, carved by one of my favourite sculptors, bernini… i tried to be as close as i could on her face and expression, i was deliberately loose with her hair and blouse. for these i just wanted capture the essence, but not every detail as bernini has carved it…

portrait bust – part 7

today, it just remains to share the fotos of the fnished carving 🙂 i hope you enjoyed the sequel…. (please click thumbnails to enlarge)

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portrait bust – part 6

the face is now essentially finished. might tweak it here and there, but all is in place, and might go this way…

today i started roughing out the hair. i will do a different hairstyle than in the cast model. hope it will look nice… so, the first step is to define the big shapes of how the strands fall. not too many, trying to keep them large, and nicely flowing… yes, it looks a big mess right now :

… but the mess is easily cleaned up, and already a little refinement of the strands shows how the hair will look… :

as you notice, i carve the ears together with the hair,,,i do this, since i want them interact, and so i need do them simultanously to get it right…

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portrait bust – part 5

the carving is coming along now. starts to build resemblance. today, i decided not to stick too close to the model, as i found i made mistakes in that. so, from now i use the model as a guide, and try to correct the errors of that in hope of obtaining a closer portrait… as you can see, i started to define the features, after i have settled down on the proportions of the big volumes. also, note, the features are still rough, as i prefer to keep the carving overall at about the same stage. i feel this way i can better judge how well the parts fit together. no single part can be correct alone, it all depends on the correct proportions betwee the single parts. so, thats what i am still focussing on. making it pretty and carving details will come at the very last step…

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portrait bust – part 4

finally i am able to pick up this carving again… i am still in the roughing out phase, but decided to carve all around, to get a better feeling for the proportions. he is still a little too “big”, as i need some wood to carve the smaller shapes. overall, i am happy how this stage looks, as i can see already some typical features, which hopefully will bring out a resonable portrait… so, here he is, now raised, as he is right now..

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portrait bust – part 3

for today just a small update, but i think nevertheless an important step in the carving. i have approximately fixed the proportions, and the big planes and angles…

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portrait bust – part 2

i have glued up the block of wood,,, and the carving has started. i began to carve the curve for the front, to help me later to get a good depth for the face.

then i marked off the essential landmarks, and made notes on the block for these measurements, to use them later again

after that, my first goal is to find the basic BIG shapes, like i explained in the previous post. in this case, i want carve first the complete front head, so it can lie down as the high relief carvings i did. when the front is completed i put the carving to stand, and cut the back… i think, this way i will have always enough space to push the carving further back, in case i make a bad mistake. if i were to cut the back of the head now too, i am limited in what i can correct… so here is what it looks now

as you can see, i concentrate on getting the big angles about right. and the main proportions. but still everything is very loose, to give enough room to find the correct shape. its not doing one or two very precise cuts, but many small ones approaching the surface to be found slowly. the carving will look blurry and clumsy quite some time, and sharpen up only when i am sure i am in the ballpark as where i want to be…

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