rose – finished

with a marathon carving over the weekend, i made it just in time, the birthday party will start in an hour 🙂 … had some discussions about the finish, and it was decided to keep the rose very light in color, to fit into her new surroundings… so here are some final pics, one with my hands to show how huge it is …

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rose – part 3

finally the carving starts looking somewhat like a rose… i am almost finished with the big petals, some minor cleanups in tight areas necessary, but i think the main is there now… hope you enjoy,,,,

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rose – part 2

i have now finished the roughing out, i think, in that i have the big shapes where i want them to go… to me, this stage of a carving is the most difficult one : on one hand, it looks promising, on the other hand it looks bold and crude and clumsy, no sign of delicacy,,, sigh … that it is quite hard to believe that this could ever become the vision of the rose i have … so,,, next task is : carve on ! … less than 2 weeks to carve…

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this is still early work in progress … if all goes fine, this will become a rose i will give my mother in law for her 80th birthday. … she celebrates it in less than 2 weeks so i kind need to hurry, as i have only time in the night hours to carve…

wooden rose

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Stone Carvings Gallery

in september 2003, i began stone carving, inspired and guided by an email friend from canada. i first carved soapstone. this is the softest stone on earth, and can be carved with any tool, like knifes, files, or even only with your fingernails… later i carved harder stones like calcite, lapislazuli, jade, carneol, and then mainly agates, which are quartzes and some of which i carved have gem quality. these hard stones i carved with a foredom flexible shaft machine with tiny diamond burrs, tiny diamond saws and pastes on selfmade wooden burrs and wheels. so, carving stones is grinding stone to the desired shapes, not cutting like in wood.

i want show here some of old works of mine in this stone carving gallery, showing the work in chronological ordering, the first done in september 2003, the last in november 2006. on with the show … (and, as always in my posts, pease click images to enlarge)