gentle whisper 2

i reworked and refined his face, reworked the lips, and the area between lips and nose. improved the skull shape, and tried to texture the skin to make it look less plastic… still alot work to be done… i only hope i can keep him young … lol

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gentle whisper

this work in progress is inspired by tamara´s “whispers of the dawn” ,,, and by a youtube movie where philippe faraut sculpted a young man.

my sculpture is almost lifesize, so my biggest head i have done so far… and, i must say, “bigger is easier” at least to judge proportions…

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allegorical portrait in clay allegorical portrait in clay allegorical portrait in clay

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i have begun the preparatory work for a new bust carving. and this means, i started making a clay model to fix my idea.
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autumn begins

this carving will become an allegorical piece, which should be fun ! she will be my second complete figure carved in the round, well i hope so at least…
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the aim with this project is to make an allegorical sculpture representing love. at the same time she is a study piece for me, as she is my first nude carving…
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