gentle whisper 5

who would have expected it… wow, i finally finished him… those of you who followed this project, might remember the desaster of the first cast… this is a second cast, i could not free the first one, it stuck too much into the mould. so, what i did was to make a second mould from the clay, as it was almost intact, except it has lost the ears. the second cast into this new mould went well, only a few airbubbles to repair, plus making him new ears. …

first, i wanted to leave him white, as the beautiful plaster sculptures in neresheim, but then, i thought these sculptures look so well in stark white because of their surrounding. which mine do not have… so, i painted him in very light colors, to still get the light feeling i have with white color, but to fit him into the surrounding he is in now… would love to hear from you what you think of that finish…

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gentle whisper 4

just a short note,to keep you updated, and expectation not raise too high… well the cast is kind of glued to the mould, i chiseled all day to get him free at least like this 😦 … i had to be extra careful, as i casted him hollow… geez… but, i think i know “who” the culprit was, why the mould glued to the cast : its the color. when i use uncolored plaster all works fine, but with the acrylic color in it is sticky, and more over it is more like chalk, not good plaster. soo,,, i wont do that again… so need more chiseling to free him. the cast itself seems be good, no airbubbles this time… and,,, a hello to ladner, thanks for the kind words…

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gentle whisper 3

i finally decided it is time to mould him, i made a lot of changes. not very dramatic ones, but sublte. most important to me, are the “new eyes”,,, and then i started moulding, and forgot to take a picture of the scuture before starting,,, i mean, just in case the worst happens and all goes wrong, then i would not even have a foto of him… i suddenly remembered that i wanted take foto, and made one, when i had already put the shims to separate front from back… the next foto shows the shells, i made a 3 part mould this time, and they turned out pretty well 🙂 … and last foto shows the clay, after i had pulled it off the shells,,, i am amazed i got him out, with so little damage, he lost his ears (thats ok, they are easy to model) and has some minor damages, which i can easily repair… why ? oh, i would love to try a second casting, with trying a new material… we will see… for now, next is drying the mould completely and then casting in plaster ,,, now, that the original clay is almost intact, i feel much more relaxed to do the casting 🙂

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Yippie, i made it !

My casting tutorial is finished, and my first faux bronze bust is done… Continue to read here :

At least … i rescued her face …

she is my very first try in casting in plaster, with a self made mould in plaster from the clay portrait i did … as usual, when doing “firsts”, many things go wong,,, and this was the case here too ,,, but at least, i rescued her face

i just started a new tutorial, this time not about carving per se, but about casting a clay model in plaster, which then can be used as a guide for carving without the disadvantage of loosing shapes as it occurs in the soft clay… this is still work in progress, so the tutorial grows as things develop…

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