Stone Carvings Gallery

in september 2003, i began stone carving, inspired and guided by an email friend from canada. i first carved soapstone. this is the softest stone on earth, and can be carved with any tool, like knifes, files, or even only with your fingernails… later i carved harder stones like calcite, lapislazuli, jade, carneol, and then mainly agates, which are quartzes and some of which i carved have gem quality. these hard stones i carved with a foredom flexible shaft machine with tiny diamond burrs, tiny diamond saws and pastes on selfmade wooden burrs and wheels. so, carving stones is grinding stone to the desired shapes, not cutting like in wood.

i want show here some of old works of mine in this stone carving gallery, showing the work in chronological ordering, the first done in september 2003, the last in november 2006. on with the show … (and, as always in my posts, pease click images to enlarge)

there are different approaches for carving.

you can try to let the wood inspire you, and find in the wood what you think you see there. this might be fun and satisfying, but is not the sort of carving i want talk about …

i want talk about carvings having an “aim”, like “i want carve a horse”. so, before we grab the suitable wood and the chisels, we know what we want to produce. a horse, say. basically two approaches exist : “carving from the mind” and “carving with references”…
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I had made this clay model for a Golden Eagle earlier.I recently got the blocks in for it and couldn’t wait to play with them. In between the castings I’m doing, I took a little time to just rough it out….

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learning to carve consists to three elements, namely learning to use the tools, learning to sharpen the tools, and learning to see….
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albert einstein is to me one of the most creative scientists, who did his profound work in physics in a “playful” way , and as this resonates to me, i got the idea to carve a portrait of him. i was first thinking of doing a high relief carving, but then i got inspired…
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