Finished Panels

There was no rush on this job but all the carving is complete. A bit of sanding here and there is about all that’s needed at this point. I’m not doing the finishing on them but they will get painted an off white with some glazing on them. I’m tempted to hit them with a bit of sealer to make the sanding more effective as it would allow me to get more of the fuzzies off.  Also, since these photos were taken I went back and finessed the carvings by laying back the petals on the small flowers , cleaning up a few of the lines etc.,  but they’re happy with how they look. So,,, I’ll call it done!

The panels are a bit over 8 inches square with the carving done in 1/4 inch of material. I tried to pick a featured element in each panel to accentuate as a focal point and push everything else down from there.  When the panels are arranged in the sequence that they’ll be in when in place on the doors they do complete an overall picture for the most part.

Hope you enjoy them.

constanza bonarelli

i know this is not wood carving, but still it is about my passion of portraits… since a while i am learning digital sculpting, i want use it as a tool to visualise projects for carving. in deed, i have such a project in the work right now, i will share soon… this digital sculpting, is closely mimicking sculpting with real clay, and i find it very useful to learn forms… for today, i want share what i did the last nights, and invite you to visit my zbrush blog, where i showcase my digital sculpts created with zbrush.

i tried to recreate the marble bust of constanza bonarelli, carved by one of my favourite sculptors, bernini… i tried to be as close as i could on her face and expression, i was deliberately loose with her hair and blouse. for these i just wanted capture the essence, but not every detail as bernini has carved it…