constanza bonarelli

i know this is not wood carving, but still it is about my passion of portraits… since a while i am learning digital sculpting, i want use it as a tool to visualise projects for carving. in deed, i have such a project in the work right now, i will share soon… this digital sculpting, is closely mimicking sculpting with real clay, and i find it very useful to learn forms… for today, i want share what i did the last nights, and invite you to visit my zbrush blog, where i showcase my digital sculpts created with zbrush.

i tried to recreate the marble bust of constanza bonarelli, carved by one of my favourite sculptors, bernini… i tried to be as close as i could on her face and expression, i was deliberately loose with her hair and blouse. for these i just wanted capture the essence, but not every detail as bernini has carved it…


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