this carving will become an allegorical piece, which should be fun ! she will be my second complete figure carved in the round, well i hope so at least…

so, i start today with showing what i did the first week… please click on images for larger view

autumn_01 i first made drawings to fix my idea. when you know botticelli, she might look faintly familiar, though i not used his body proportions, but wanted them more closer to mine, so that i can use myself as reference…
autumn_01b after i settled down on the pose and attributes, i made a digital maquette (instead of clay). only roughly, to tell me things from side and back view i wanted to know. this maquette i can turn around and study from all angles, and print everyone i am interested in to the correct scale. i did that with several, and drew a little over them, to give me visual feedback while carving
autumn_02 i am using a jig for holding the block, and it is made so i can rotate her easily. i spent a lot of time to get top and bottom planar, and parallel, and this makes it holds the bock tighty … then i drew a vague outline in blue and hacked away some of the wastewood from the sides. after that i traced the drawing onto the wood
autumn_03 just cutting the sides away more to come closer to the outline. but i not try get exactly to the outline, i want plenty of wood around the whole figure to play with
autumn_04 now i start to find the essential lines from front view, trying to get the heights about right. the goal is now to find the essential lines and shapes as good as possible… all very loosely, so i have lots of room to correct errors which certainly will occur in the process…

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Paul Guraedy
    Jun 07, 2009 @ 14:31:56

    Don’t know how I missed this “pictorial story” on my first visit to your blog. Guess it was because Love had been a topic of discussion on WCI and I was aware that you had some works in progress photos. Otherwise, I would certainly have gone to Autumen. This carving is still my favorite.

    I thoroughly enjoy your descriptions that accompany the photos. It is as if I were sitting there with you as you think about, and comment on, what is happening with the carving.

    This is the best type of teaching. You do not say “do it this way, rather you say “this is what I wanted to accomplish and this is the way I chose to make it happen”. I especially enjoyed your explanation of what you wanted for her dress and what you had to do to get it there. Very informative.

    I admire your carving abillities and I will be returning to go through the other pictorial stories.


    • dorisfiebig
      Jun 07, 2009 @ 15:03:08

      oh paul, that really means so much to me, when you say my way of describing is best type of teaching. thank you so much for that… oh, autumn was not on the blog the first days, she came only later, as i needed time to prepare the story for the format we use here on the blog. thanks again, you really made my day…


  2. Phillip
    Nov 16, 2009 @ 08:37:37

    It is 1:35 am on Monday morning. I have been engrossed in the beauty of your work. You have made both Autumn and Love to be very beautiful women. I agree with what Paul says about the wonderful way that you share insights that go with your photos. I am thoroughly impressed with your immense talent.


    • dorisfiebig
      Nov 16, 2009 @ 10:32:54

      now is this not nice to hear ? being engrossed when looking my work. wonderful, thank you so much for your kind words, philip, and i hope you will enjoy looking my future work too.


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