Seems as if I’m on a run with Church work, much of it repairs at this point. ( though that is going to change so stick around!) There is a story with this work, as there usually is. This particular “church” is actually the mansion of one of the founders of the Bethlehem Steel Co. It was taken over quite some time ago and turned into a retirement home for elderly Priests….
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There are times in my business that you get interesting repair jobs. This I think is one of them. Now ,, all the work I do isn’t always the grand carvings that have a big WOW factor but can cover many different facets of woodworking. I do tend to get into some bigger projects but I do love having what I call “filler jobs”…
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For those of you familiar with my work you’ll recognize these candle sticks immediately. Yes,, I did a set just like this not 2 months ago! There are times I feel like I am not so much a woodcarver but more like I have a car repair or body shop. I fix a piece and before you know it…
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