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In the Diocese’s there is a new Bishop. I’ve been commissioned by the outgoing Bishop to build a new Altar and Tabernacle to go into his private residence and for the new Bishop to carve a new crest for the presiding chair in the main Cathedral. Now as Crests go,,there is much symbolism. Each Bishop has his own motto and coat of arms.
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Again,, so many things swirling in my head. A thought here,, a quote there. Random in appearance but are all parts of a puzzle. They show up for a reason. To me anyway.

I watch the tutorials Doris does so well. I remember posts and questions from other sites. I see and hear about frustrations new carvers have. Quotes such as ” An apprentice tries to remember all his master told him… a Master just practices his craft”. I remember snippets from books,, one in particular Drawing on the Right side of the brain. Examples given there that I believe apply to carving. My recent additions to “Tryptich” and the apparently off handed comment I made about not having to think when I carve.

Ahh,, it all came together and here is the story as I see it….
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Did you ever notice how at times a word or a topic comes up repeatedly? Out of nowhere but it keeps popping up? Why that happens I don’t know but maybe it’s a sign that it needs addressing or at least looking into.

Over the course of time after visiting many sites,,reading many posts,,and showing up in many of my responses this topic of work and play keeps resurfacing. I’m not so much addressing a specific statement but more of a general feeling. Now most feel work is something you HAVE to do and play is something you WANT to do. Everyone seems to agree on that….
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as with the previous tutorials, i will try to present a basic approach, which can be applied to carve any nose… we begin with getting reference material …
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in this second tutorial, i want present an approach to carve a mouth, that will work in every situation … the basic approach is the same, of course, as for carving an eye, or anything else for that matter…
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how do i carve an eye ? that is a question we do often hear, and so i want present in this tutorial an approach to carve an eye, that will work in every situation …

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Yes, I’m playing with words again,, one of my favorite pastimes.

This is what may seem a rather mundane job. But the way it came about , what it’s for , when it’s needed, and possible future work I find fascinating. And a bit daunting. As usual my “stories” can be lengthy but this one needs telling…. as much as I’m allowed! What do I mean by allowed? Well my client is preparing a COMPLETELY custom made gun. …
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