Lady with Turban

i want use clay models now for my carvings, since i believe they will help me to grow as a carver… this lady appeared while i was playing with the clay, and i liked her… and since carving faces is very popular, and female faces are always said be so difficult, while i think they are same difficult as male faces, i thought she is a perfect topic for sharing as wip …

i will try to copy her, we will see how it goes, as i am so used to working with fotos as reference… maybe i will make her face a little more symmetrical. i do like as she is now, most people have quite different halfs of face, ,,,… i will push her mouth a little more towards chin, and probably round the eyebrowbone a little…

lady_01 lady_02 lady_03 so, in these first 3 images i show the claymodel, i made.
then i cut off a block of wood (linden) in the required size, taken from the model (she is half life size by the way), sanded the back smooth.
lady_04 to speed up the boring work of cutting the outline, i made first with the saw straight sawcuts toward the outline, perpendicular to the grain. and in about 2” distance. then using mallet, and a deep gouge of 10mm width carving with the grain from one sawcut to the next, … here i put deliberately a corner of the gouge under the wood, as this helped splitting off larger chunks in one blow of mallet, the sawcuts acted as stopcut to prevent desaster with such a rabiat method …so, even without bandsaw and not very small carving, it did not take very long to cut the outline… (i am sorry, i forgot to make a foto of that procedure…)
required depth, (you can still see the clean horizontal line it created) and had a nice stopcut to remove the bulk of waste wood underneath her chin with the same method…

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. keith
    Mar 30, 2010 @ 14:37:48

    loved it yoos good


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