Processional Crosses

You may remember the first Processional Cross I did for a Lutheran church. This one was done in a pierced, stylized design. In place of the corpus, as Lutherans tend to not favor a corpus on the cross , I used the symbol of the Lutheran Rose.  The cross was done in Mahogany with oil stain and a lacquer finish.

The second cross was just completed for a Catholic church. This one was also done in Mahogany in a more Gothic style design. They happened to have an old cross at the church with some history to it that had a cast copper Corpus and banner. I “recycled” this body to use on their new processional cross.

This cross as well was finished using oil stain, Gold leaf and a lacquer finish.

The Lutheran Cross.

And a close up of the Cross.

The Processional Cross for the Catholic Church with the Copper Corpus.

The back view of the Cross.

Processional Cross and Candle holders

This is a project for a Lutheran Church that I was commissioned to do. It’s a processional cross with a pair of matching candle holders to be used at the opening and closing of  their mass. It’s made of Mahogany with Maple ends on the cross. In the center of the cross, since a corpus isn’t generally used in these churches, I carved the symbolic Lutheran Rose instead. It’s applied with a bit of outlining on the cross itself.  And this Rose appears on both sides of the cross so it’s seen coming and going. The ends of the cross represent the Trinity. These are done in Maple and are mortise and tenon joints to fit them in place. The staff of the cross is generally square but has on the corners four “columns” that represent the four Evangelists.

I also built boxes to act as stands for the three pieces which will stay at the Altar . The candles will flank the Altar and the Cross will be off to one side after the procession at the beginning of mass.

Finish is oil stain with multiple coats of Lacquer.  Carving is minimal and was primarily done with a band saw and a scroll saw. The cross as well as the points in the ring are all half lap joints.

From the base of the staff to the top of the cross is 7 ft. The candle holders (2) are essentially the same as the section where the cross meets the staff. I used the same moldings on all three pieces. The only difference is there is a small turning where the candles are inserted in place of the cross. They stand just under 4 ft tall.

The main sections of the cross are 2 inches wide by 1  1/2 inches deep.

Here you can see the minimal carving done on the whole project in the Rose. It’s approx. 1  1/2 round by 1/2 inch deep.

For those of you familiar with my work you’ll recognize these candle sticks immediately. Yes,, I did a set just like this not 2 months ago! There are times I feel like I am not so much a woodcarver but more like I have a car repair or body shop. I fix a piece and before you know it…
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