gentle whisper 5

who would have expected it… wow, i finally finished him… those of you who followed this project, might remember the desaster of the first cast… this is a second cast, i could not free the first one, it stuck too much into the mould. so, what i did was to make a second mould from the clay, as it was almost intact, except it has lost the ears. the second cast into this new mould went well, only a few airbubbles to repair, plus making him new ears. …

first, i wanted to leave him white, as the beautiful plaster sculptures in neresheim, but then, i thought these sculptures look so well in stark white because of their surrounding. which mine do not have… so, i painted him in very light colors, to still get the light feeling i have with white color, but to fit him into the surrounding he is in now… would love to hear from you what you think of that finish…

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