portrait bust – part 2

i have glued up the block of wood,,, and the carving has started. i began to carve the curve for the front, to help me later to get a good depth for the face.

then i marked off the essential landmarks, and made notes on the block for these measurements, to use them later again

after that, my first goal is to find the basic BIG shapes, like i explained in the previous post. in this case, i want carve first the complete front head, so it can lie down as the high relief carvings i did. when the front is completed i put the carving to stand, and cut the back… i think, this way i will have always enough space to push the carving further back, in case i make a bad mistake. if i were to cut the back of the head now too, i am limited in what i can correct… so here is what it looks now

as you can see, i concentrate on getting the big angles about right. and the main proportions. but still everything is very loose, to give enough room to find the correct shape. its not doing one or two very precise cuts, but many small ones approaching the surface to be found slowly. the carving will look blurry and clumsy quite some time, and sharpen up only when i am sure i am in the ballpark as where i want to be…

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