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greenman_26 This greenman is the final carving of a tutorial  you can read here . It was carved in Spanish Cedar and is approx. 20″X 12″ using only 6 chisels
shroud_18 The Shroud of Turin, a detailed description of how he was carved is here This is a life size carving in Basswood with a Mahogany cross
prodigal_son_23 Prodigal Son, this is a door carved in bas relief, you find information how it was made here… The panel is over 6 ft tall. and 22″ wide one inch thick carved in Mahogany
picture_frame_60 a custom made picture frame, over 7 ft tall and 4 ft wide carved in mahagony, more information on the process are here
IMG_4325 This relief done in 1 inch African  Walnut was one of ten panels carved for two mantles of a variety of animals. This panel is 4 ft wide,11 inches high . IMG_4326
This is another example of two of the ten panels done for the mantles. These panels are also 11″ high and one is 16″ and the other 24″.

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