Doris Fiebig´s gallery

please click on each image for a larger view… … and if you are interested in seeing some of my stone carvings click here

couple_1 couple, half of life-size, how they are made can be seen here marion_16 Marion Gräfin Dönhoff , less than half life size, carved in linden, a few steps how she was carved can be seen here
michelangelo_13 portrait of michelangelo, 3/4 lifesize, a few steps how he was carved can be seen here love01 love, an allegorical figure carving. she is carved from linden, 35cm=14” high. more images and information on how she was carved is here
autumn, an allegorical figure carved from linden, figure is 26cm(about 11”) high, how she was carved can be read here.
autumn, back view

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