Add a couple of more,,,,,

Although the carving was completed the client thought the area indicated  ( under the #1)  looked a bit light as far as leaves go. He wondered if I couldn’t add more leaves or do something to make it look less linear. Even though this is done in 3/4 inch stock, there was enough wood left in this area for me to push down some areas to have new leaves appear. As you can see I was able to add 3 more leaves where it might have appeared that there was little room,, or stock to do this.  I thought it was a neat trick to show that there is almost always a way to add more to an existing carving where it might appear there is little to be done. No additional wood was added. These leaves were just waiting below the surface.


Here you can see the area which admittedly looks a bit blank , under the #1.  The primary leaf wraps around this new offshoot and this is where I added the new leaves.


Here is the very same area after I pushed down some of the areas in order to form new leaves. I added one just under the primary leaf, one longer one emerging from just inside the curl and a third where the leaf starts to curve upwards again.

I thought this might be useful for anyone interested in carving these leaves , or something similar, to show there is much that can be done with existing stock where you want to add more details.

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