Shaving Bowl and Stand

I made this piece some time ago when I got interested in using as well as restoring vintage razors, both double edge as well as straight razors.

The reason I’m posting it now is because I just made a razor to match the set.

It’s made from Cherry, the same as the rest of the pieces. The blade was in fair condition, but I restored that to a mirror finish after fixing several issues with it and modifying the shape a bit. For these handles which will be exposed to water I use CA as a finish to stabilize the wood.

The blade as you can see has a bit of wear to it along with the rust. I addressed both issues.


The blade is leaning against my chisel, but you can see by the reflection the rust and pitted finish is now gone.


I roughed out then sanded the basic shape of the handle, then drew the design on it and carved it using a V tool as well as some 2’s and 3’s. The one side is nearly finished as some sanding has been done and the other still shows the chisel marks.





The finished razor and the set it now goes with.



The brush is held in place with hidden magnets and it is filled with a Silvertip Badger knot.




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