Angels, Done

I wrapped up the final painting and sealing this morning.  I called the client and will be delivering them this afternoon. I kept to a similar paint job that they had but naturally added my own touches. It wasn’t necessary to have them be duplicates to the originals as these are not going back to a particular setting.

The wings , now that they have the paint and gilding on them, look good by comparison I think. To the average viewer and considering the lighting as well as the distances these will be viewed  in a typical church  will for the most part look like nothing is out of the ordinary. Actually several visitors to my shop had a difficult time picking the carved wings at a close range. I’m happy.

I hope you enjoyed this project seeing it from the layout ,carving, priming and to the final painting.  Here are a few photos showing the results.







The paints are acrylics done primarily with an air brush.  The facial features and details  are done by hand. The gilding is liquid Gold and sealed. Without sealer it would eventually turn brown.


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  1. dorisfiebig
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 11:29:10

    hi mark, yes they turned out lovely. and from the fotos it is hard to distinguish which wings you made and which were the original…
    the painting job is lovely, but i have to admit i liked them better in pure white. we have a big church in neresheim, from baroque time, and it is completely white. i mean it has the rich decoration you know from baroque time, but all is kept white with a minimal touch of gold. all the furniture, the walls, the columns, the statues, (they are partly wood, partly plaster) all is white, and the white gives an airy light feeling, it is amazing atmosphere. (of course the paintings at the ceiling are colorful ;-)) and, inside this church it is much lighter than usual, even though no artifical light is turned on…. i know, its nothing you decide, the angels needed of course be done and painted to fit in their place, but i just feeled like chatting about that interesting fact, that pure white can produce quite a rich feeling. i always feel so touched when visiting in that church…


  2. markyundt
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 14:46:38

    I understand completely Doris. There is a church here where the statues are similar with an exception. The statues are all done in white marble and the effect is wonderful.They almost seem to blend with the rest of the church which is also white marble. They are so subtle in their presence. They are there,, but not there as a distraction. There are a few where a robe for example might be in a red marble which adds a nice contrast without all the detail a painted statue would have. I still haven’t figured out how they did the combination of the two marbles as the seams are virtually flawless.
    But yes, sometimes the absence of color can be a dramatic effect on the whole ambiance of a setting.


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