Angels update

This is only the first prime coat on the wood and wanted to show where I’m at with these pieces. When one wing was painted and the other in wood it was difficult to really pick out details. Now that everything is one color I can more readily see some details I want to carve into the wings. Actually , once they’d get painted as the originals were any differences would probably just disappear.

But I have to carve ’em the way I see ’em.Once that is done  and a couple more coats of primer I’ll post them with their final paint jobs.



Pretty close at this point.



Joints came out quite well.



The back of the wings are a good match.



You can see how the planes of the wings match the originals with the same angles, pitch etc.



Just a bit more carving here and there to address small details which are readily apparent when everything is one solid color. I’ll get them closer. Also additional paint will take away the “wood” look and make them appear as smooth as the plaster wings.



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