Waiting in the Wings

OK, a bad pun but it’s appropriate.  These Angles just came in and they obviously need some repair as well as needing wings. For some reason they are missing their right wings. Can’t have that as they can only fly in circles! So when I get a chance I’ll need to duplicate some wings as well as restore the rest of the statue. They have the typical chips, peeling paint etc. which I have addressed literally hundreds of times on pieces much worse than these.  They are plaster, but I’ll make new wings in Basswood, seal them and when painted nobody will be the wiser . Unless they remove the wings ( the original are removable)  or tap on them.

I’ll keep you posted when these come up for their turn on my bench.

Oh,, and that piece in the background is the Triptych. The new priest that took over that parish is coming by to have me resume the work on it. It’s had several Birthdays in my shop,, got put on the back burner,,, was on again, off again and so here we go again! I think this time it’s for good. Show me the money and I’ll fire up my chisels. Till then,, it sits or I dismantle it again. Too much work coming in to play around with this piece as much as I’d like to see it done. I think the new Priest feels the same way. Lets get it done.

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