Restorations, the Chair, sneak peek

Well after what has seemed like a never ending process of chasing my tail to address all the repairs I think I’m getting close. Here I’ve dry fitted most of the parts to see just how everything is fitting together.  I imagine this is the first time in many years that these pieces have been together in any meaningful way to represent an actual chair. With all the abuse, movement ( warping etc.) , repairs etc. the parts are going together surprisingly well. A tweak here and there and it’s lining up to my liking.

Along the way I’ve done several other repairs which you’ll see here as well.

Assembling the top section I decided the top trim was just too far gone to try and repair so I duplicated the trim moldings. The volutes had large holes where someone used screws to attach them to the frame. I filled in the holes and will attach them with screws from the back and top.There were also several damaged sections on the volutes I had to repair as well.

The seat is in one piece , hinged and fitted to the frame. I still need to “antique” the brass hinges so they don’t look like a sore thumb being so new on an old piece as they currently look out of place.

As I said, at this point I’m just dry fitting all the pieces prior to gluing them together. Various stains will be used to make all the sections of wood look as homogenous as I can.

I’m getting anxious now!

A section of molding that was for some reason an inch and a half too short. These pieces fit around the bottom of the “roof” section.

This is the molding I had to reproduce that will fit around the top of the carvings on the “roof” section. You can see how the old pieces were just so rotted, damaged and split to be sensibly used again.  Making new moldings was actually faster than trying to repair the old. Regardless,, they were just too far gone.

The holes in the legs of the Volutes where someone used large screws to attach them to the uprights.  I just couldn’t imagine doing that being it is right on the face of the pieces and so obvious and crude attempt at a repair.

Drilled, plugged and carved they look a bit better. They’ll blend better with a dab of filler, sanding and some stain.

The sections of the Volutes that were damaged and missing pieces. Here I have the areas prepped prior to fitting new wood.

Blocks fitted and glued in place,,,,,


…carved and sanded,,,,,

….and an initial application of some stain to get them close to the original wood.

The “roof” section as I’ve been calling it with the new moldings around the top and the extended section around the bottom. All together now and ready for installation.

The seat fitted to the frame with new hinges. The prop is only for the photo, it’s not part of the chair.

The front panels now installed in their frame and also the foot rest ( which needed much work) attached to the frame as well. The foot rest is really needed as this chair is unusually high. Without it my legs just dangle off the front of the chair.

The back panel fitted to the uprights as well as the two top carved panels now in place. These needed quite a bit of adjustments as the uprights had warped considerably . Without resorting to trying to bend the uprights too much as this would have created quite a bit of stress on the entire piece when assembled and glued I was able to accommodate the pieces without too much twisting or clamping pressure. The less stress built into a piece, the better it’s chances of living a long life and not try to break itself apart.

And finally what I imagine you wanted to see, as well as myself, an overall view of the mocked up chair. At this point the small brackets, the Volutes as well as the roof aren’t installed as these will be fitted into place once everything else is glued up and set in position.





Yeah,, it’s come a long way,,,,

Hope you like it so far.

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