Restoration, the Chair. Bits and Pieces

A few more odd bits and pieces that needed attention. I’m getting close to having all the repairs done and can proceed to the final cleaning/sanding/filling and staining before re-assembly. Here are some interesting highlights.



This is the second panel from the front of the chair below the seat. As you can see the ribbon design falls right in the middle of a knot and has a good chip out of it because of this. The upper frame of the shield is missing a section as well as the letter “I”.



I replaced the missing piece and will finish it as I did the knot on the stile section. The knot will still be there but filled when I get to the filling stage. Here it’s just wood replacement. I’ll get it all to blend (color and filler) later.



The border of the shield. Section cut away and a new filler piece is made ready. Note, I try to keep the grain patterns running the same direction as the original wood in most every case.


Nearly finished blending it into place. Also , I can’t keep the new wood looking so new and smooth from sanding. Doing that will make it stick out from the rest of the old wood. I go back and “texture ” it a bit so it doesn’t look so fresh and smooth. Nothing else on this piece is so I can’t have the repairs be any different.



Another repair on the frame of the shield design.



As well as another,,,,



I managed to retrieve the three sections ( all split) that go to make the seat. I addressed the joints , the side frames and got them as close as I could to try and make them whole again.


The seat is now back together looking like one piece. I’m going to wait to attach the side panels as I believe I’ll have to add another strip of wood to the back section where the hinges fit to be sure that wood is sound as well as have a bit of extra wood to be sure the seat will line up with the panels across the front that make up parts of the arm rests. If I don’t , the seat will sit back from the panels that hold the arm rests and the leading edges will not match up.



This is the underside of the seat frame, one of two mortise and tenon joints. As you can see a significant section has been broken away and needs to be repaired.



Here I prepared the area for new wood ensuring adequate strength and restored the pocket.



The opposite side as well,,,,



Made the new sections and fitted/glued them into place.



Just started playing with some of the pieces. Here I got the center back panel put back together again and laid them out to see just how this thing went together. This is the first time I’ve been able to see all the parts oriented in their proper locations instead of all in a cardboard box.


Another view. If you look closely at the brackets you’ll see the head of a large screw. Believe me, I have no intention of fastening it in place with a screw showing as this does. I’ll fill the hole and secure it from the backside. Who thought of doing that as a repair?



I only propped up the front panel as I had to completely break it apart as the main panel is beyond repair and has to be remade as well as the molding that goes on top of it.



A better view of the center panel, Not filled at this point but at least it’s in one piece now.



The front seat panels just loosely assembled at this point.

Just getting anxious to see how this will all come together.




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