Restorations 2, Updates

As I said in the last installment this would take some time. I’m at the point of repairing each piece prior to further cleaning, staining and reassembly. Seems every piece I touch needs some sort of repair. Here is a bit of a photo collage of the various pieces.

The broken right arm,,,,


The split left arm,,,

The glue up,,,,,

Together again.

The split and damaged small bracket,,,,

Glue it together, prep the corner and carve it. A bit of stain and clean up the pocket a bit and it’ll be ready to go.

This is the center stile for the two panels on the front of the chair. Why they chose a piece of wood with a knot located where it was is beyond me,,,,,

Whatever their reason I had to keep it as a knot. So I fitted in a new piece, carved it to look like the rest of the knot so it would blend in a bit better Stain it to blend as the rest of the knot and when I add a bit of filler to the rest of the cracks in the original part of the knot it should all blend in a bit better and not be too obvious when it’s all said and done.

One of the front panels. As you can see another knot hole needing attention as well as the letters where the wood has cracked away along with the Omega symbol.  All totaled this piece alone will require 9 repairs.

Drill out the knot and make a plug, then prep the two areas on the border of the crest for replacement pieces,,,,

Now make the Omega symbol and prep the M and the A for their repair pieces,,,

Sections of the ribbon design were repaired along with the letters and the border of the shield. The last thing needed was to repair the two opposite corners of the panel where the wood had rotted away and left visible gaps when installed in the stiles and rails.

One of the boards that will make up the seat,,,,

Prep the area for a replacement piece,, but the back of this board needs attention as well as it was damaged by some screws which split out a large piece. Fortunately it won’t be seen as it’s under the seat. But I still have to repair it.

Prep this area for a new piece as well. Not quite as critical as it won’t be readily seen.

And there is more to come. Just a quick update as I move through this project.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Doug Duffield
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 18:08:46

    Everything you’ve done is fabulous, but I really like the knot! You are just too creative! Who would have thought to make a new ‘knot?’ Also, a nice plug in the knot hole, I’m going to use that one this afternoon on an ‘oops’ I make when roughing out a top for a sign – should have been a little more careful with the drill.


  2. markyundt
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 18:42:11

    Thanks Doug,
    Yeah, the knot made me chuckle a bit. Not the first time I’ve done it though.
    If I had just put in some sort of spliced piece then it would have really looked obvious where the repair was. It would have stuck out.
    Now it sort of blends a bit more. A dab of filler to fill the actual cracks in addition to the ones I carved and it will be good to go.
    There are any number of ways to fix an “OOPS”. Just be a bit creative. Here I used a Forstner bit with a plug cutter the same size to make the filler.


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