wonderful book

recently, i got a new book about learning to draw… and while i read that book, i realised how much it shows what we try to present here on the blog : namely that a good carving / a good drawing is determined by the big shapes, not the detail,,, and how to learn to see these … the book is

william l.maughan, the artist complete guide to drawing the head

the author introduces into drawing to the principles of chiaroscuro, what is masterfully applied by da vinci in his mona lisa, just to name a single example. and, as he does this, we can so well see how strongly forms develop, very early in the drawing process … the same is true for carving. a good carving has a strong foundation of basic forms…

check it out, its worth reading, with many drawings shown in four stages giving really a strong impression on how forms develop,,,and it helps thus for carving … there are also discussions on how to make good compositions, again his suggestions are valid for carving too … and the book fits well into our discussions learning to see and carve the form not the details

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