100 000 views !!

wow, is that not great ?

100 000 views in less than 2 years. what a wonderful feeling. what a great motivation to keep going, to try to make the blog even more a resource of knowledge, a resource of inspiration, a resource for ideas, a resource for encouragement …

thank you, dear readers, and, thank you mark, for being an inspirational partner. without you, the blog would never have been born 🙂 … i am very happy we did start the blog together… on to the next 100 000 !!

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  1. Mark
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 19:41:27

    Wow, One hundred thousand!

    I wasn’t sure if 100 would take a look let alone THAT number.
    Rather than try and thank each one of you individually , let me just say THANK YOU to all who have stopped by our blog, looked around, left a comment or simply encouraged Doris and I to continue.
    It has simply been a pleasure to see old friends and make new ones. Hopefully some of you have gained something from our trials, tribulations and work and found something useful here.
    Again, thank you to all and I look forward to the next Hundred Thousand.
    Phew,, that sounds like a lot of work!


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