Deja Vu, part 2

I’m in the final stretch now. I wrapped up the carving of the Baby and Halo, sanded the piece and applied the finish. Same as the full size piece. I also made the Star and even added the small element behind it and covered it with 23K gold just as I did on the original.

Then I made what is essentially a  shadow box using the same wood, and framing it just as the original was completed. The main box is Birch with an Oak frame.  At this time the box and frame haven’t received the final sealer as they are only in stain at this point. But it’s close enough that you’ll see just what the final outcome will look like.

The completed carving with the sealer. Seeing it in my hand gives you a sense of the scale of the piece.

The finish looks rather nice.

I much prefer the look of a Satin finish as opposed to a gloss. Gloss I feel tends to cheapen the look by making a piece look embalmed  like some craft show decoupage cr*p  and in the process killing the beauty of the wood because of the gloss. Satin allows you to still see the wood giving it a soft sheen so you know it’s finished, but still looks silky. Even with the strong light so close the wood still comes through.

And the Star . Not shown with the small segments that fit into the corners that was gilded. Here I strayed from the original which I did in 4 sections and did this in one piece. It still looks similar enough and at this scale nobody will really care. I don’t think they’d care or even noticed that I did the full size piece in four sections.

Here you can see the niche concept by doing a shadow box type frame.

Came out fairly close. Not that it matters one bit, but the scale on the Oak frame would make this closer to 8 inches than the 6 inches on the full size piece. Doesn’t matter as this is just a desk or wall mounted  “3D picture frame” and not a scale model that has to be totally accurate. I guess it’s just my nature showing as I was curious as to how close I came. Silly. The final interior dimensions came in at exactly 5 X 7,,, just like a photo frame. I’m happy.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dorisfiebig
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 23:05:51

    hi mark, what a neat project to start the new year.. as much as i liked the big carving, i must admit i really love the small one. somehow the smallness, adds to the design, the flowing lines are even stronger, the delicateness , almost fragileness, gives it a special intimacy, which in my opinion suppports the theme so well. wonderful carving, beautifully executed, and again with a gorgeous finish. what a nice pictureframe to have on a desk, i am sure the pastor will be more than pleased,,,i know i would be 🙂 …


  2. Mark
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 06:51:02

    Thank you Doris for the wonderful comments. I’m glad you like the piece. There is something neat about small pieces. Of course large pieces just by their nature have a certain presence of grandeur, but small pieces seem to really capture you in some way.
    One thing that wasn’t repeated in this piece at the Pastors request was the chiseled look on the veil and halo. He , at the first meeting with the committee wanted the full size piece to be smooth. Others wanted it chiseled. The small piece I did as a sample was also left smooth. That’s what he wanted to have.
    Hopefully this piece will satisfy him.


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